Rock Climbing and Abseiling


Within a short walk, Glenridding offers access to an array of outdoor rock climbing 'Crags' that are perfect for you or your group to try rock climbing and/or abseiling.


We will provide you with an instructor

and all the safety equipment

required for a unique experience

at the crag or crags.

Glenridding guides, Patterdale, Ullswater, Rock climbing, climbing, abseiling
Glenridding guides, patterdale, rock climbing, climbing, abseiling


                                  Half day     Day

               One person    £ 100      £ 140


               Two people    £ 120      £ 160


  Three to four people    £ 130      £ 180


      Five to six people    £ 140      £ 200


More than six people please

call for a quote

Half day - morning 09:30-12:30, afternoon 13:30-16:30         Day 09:30-17:00

Evening sessions may also be possible in the summer

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian